PSA Airlines, a wholly owned subsidiary of American Airlines and the fastest growing regional airline in the U.S., is hiring pilots. PSA...

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Jobs for Vets

When your military service is completed:

  • The skills, knowledge and experience you've acquired are in high demand by the best companies in America.
  • Employers know that veterans make the best employees for any job. No matter what your military specialty there is a civilian job where your experience will put you at the top of the field and give you an advantage over applicants without military experience.
  • Many employers offer higher pay rates for military experience because you've already received the best training in the world.

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this page often as new listing appear every few days.

Click on the logo in the right side "details" column to see the job description, required experience and how to contact the employer to apply for the job.

Hint. If you call or write a cover letter to apply for any of these jobs, make sure the employer is immediately aware of your military experience, simply by mentioning that you saw the job listed on and that is why you are contacting them.

Jobs For Vets job listings
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PSA Airlines

PSA Airlines, a wholly owned subsidiary of American Airlines and the fastest growing regional airline in the U.S., is hiring pilots. PSA Airlines realizes the unique skillset and flight leadership that you as a military pilot can bring.  Most military rotor pilots qualify for the FAA's lowest minimum restricted ATP, but may fall short of the 250 hour fixed wing PIC requirement or 25 hour multi engine requirement. PSA is partnering with VA approved SkyWarrior part 141 flight school and will contribute up to $23,000 towards your flight time requirements in order to achieve the R-ATP.   Flight training is located in Pensacola FL.

Charlotte, North Carolina; Cincinnati, Ohio; Dayton, Ohio; Knoxville, Tennessee, and Washington D.C.
Florida Highway Patrol

Whether you're a Blue Angel pilot, sailor or soldier on the battlefield, The Florida Highway Patrol is hiring transitioning personnel and veterans.  Come join the finest state law enforcement agency in the nation and get excellent training, benefits and salary.


WE'RE Hiring

San Antonio, TX, Addison, TX, Plano, TX, Phoenix, AZ, Colorado Springs, CO, Norfolk, VA, Tampa, FL
PKL Services, Inc.

PKL Services, Inc, a premiere provider of aircraft maintenance services and training to US and foreign military customers, invites you to join our company for opportunities in the field of F-15 Aircraft Maintenance Training.  We are currently positioning to augment our existing workforce for an OCONUS contract starting in Fall 2012


SAIC is building a team to provide IT repair, maintenance, operations, logistics, and engineering services to deliver secure, reliable, and uninterrupted availability of Army Military Intelligence Enterprise IT Systems. Individuals experienced in preventative and remedial maintenance, system operations and logistics...

Fayetteville, NC
PHH Mortgage

Seasonal work. Year-Round Pay.  Sound too good to be true?  Not at PHH Mortgage. PHH is currently hiring Loan Processors and Junior Underwriters for an upcoming Reserve Workforce class.

Jacksonville, FL